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Established in 2004 Lady Luck Productions has emerged as one of Toronto’s pre-eminent entertainment companies.


Catering to a sophisticated, cross cultural audience of VIPs and influencers, Lady Luck Production’s dedicated following transcends traditional urban barriers to attract some of the world’s most affluent people. Mona Halem stands as one of the most sought after connectors in Toronto.


Creating urban events at a time when there were no sophisticated urban night life events. Starting the concept of bottle service in Toronto. And bringing together a good group of individuals under one roof.


Mona Halem has an impressive network of some of today’s most celebrated personalities. Executives, models, the media, professional athletes, award winning musicians, and leading entertainers are frequently spotted kicking back at Lady Luck’s increasingly diversified exclusive ‘must-attend’ events.


Mona Halem has played a pivotal role in transforming the Toronto entertainment scene by elevating the urban vibe to prominence through an unparalleled sense of elegance and class.

Inspired by Mona’s Egyptian roots, the Lady Luck Promotions logo encapsulates the very essence of the brand. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health from the deity Horus.

This logo symbolized royal power and the ancients believed this symbol of indestructibility would assist in rebirth. Also drawing from Mona’s background in mathematics (she holds a do double major in math and computer science) the Eye of Horus was used as a form of fractional notation with each part of the eye representing a different fraction.

Together the logo unifies the precision of mathematics with the power of the gods and the allure of ancient royalty…



With an expanding base of high-end clientele, we have grown the company to suit their needs based on experience.
Mona a self-made entrepreneur and woman of color.

Mona began her legacy by hosting the first of its kind VIP
events in Toronto.

Connecting with the worlds movers and shakers, trend setters and industry
professionals, organic relationships and friendships formed building her international network.


As The L.L.E expanded Mona began to diversify her portfolio investing in start ups and
Realestate. Her most recent endeavor - Regulars Bar is rated #1 in her
home town of Toronto.

Mona has gained international recognition for her on going successes
in the industry. As an influential driving force in business Mona is consistently flooded with new
opportunities stemming from various market demographics.

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