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May 7, 2016

After years of turning down persistent requests for interviews, I finally decided to do one with Toronto Life magazine for a few reasons. I always held Toronto Life Magazine to a high standard for reliable news about our city. (WRONG)

At first I was ambivalent. But they became quite persistent (non-stop emails, phone calls etc.). In hindsight, I think it would have been smart to research the background of the reporter that was assigned to my story.

But, since I knew she was a young professional female, I just assumed she would cover my story from the same female-empowering attitude that I always consider when I meet other professional women. That was my first mistake.

Additionally, this TL reporter insisted she was not a typical tabloid hungry reporter. She intended to do an unbiased factual piece on the Toronto Club scene and was intrigued by a female marginalized in a male-dominated industry. Against my better judgment, I agreed to let her into my world.

I do acknowledge I have received nothing but positive feedback from the article, and I appreciate those who support me!

As far as the article overall I am extremely disappointed with some of the material used and taken out of context, embellished or downright incorrect. I cannot help but blame the reporting as well as the TL staff at large for not doing adequate fact-checking, as well as cherry-picking whatever information they felt would make the story more captivating.

Here is a link to the interview questions I agreed to answer with this reporter named Courtney Shea (which was pretty much never used at all in the article)

Throughout this process it became quite evident that Courtney Shea had very little experience in the Toronto night club scene. Nowhere was this more evident than with the bizarre title of the article. In an attempt to create a “juicy” story, this was used:

“Secrets of Toronto’s VIP club scene” “Sin city with snow”

There are no secrets to night clubs anywhere in the world including Toronto. If you have been to a club before in your life time you know what I am talking about.

Everyone wants to go to a good and safe party end of story! That is what my focus is: to have a good party with good people.

It does not matter if you are single, married or dating. People go out with their wives/husbands, cousins, friends, acquaintances or alone it really does not matter. They go out to have a good time, slow down for a minute, forget your day to day worries, dance to the music you love, have a drink, hang out, create memorable moments, feel good in a new outfit, meet new people, celebrate a birthday, celebrate any important event that may be going on in your life. If you do go to a club to ‘sin’ then your club experience is questionable. A club experience does not have to be a ‘sinful’ one.

This reporter basically disregards the hard work I put into organizing and arranging my events. What makes my parties special is, no matter whom you are or what you do for a living, IF you get on my guest list you are a VIP! It has taken me years to create an environment where this is true. People want to be at my parties — and, yes, that includes “Celebrities”!

I am proud of what I have created over the last decade and I will continue to do it. Anyone in the nightlife industry knows how hard it is to have a safe non-problematic party and that is what I strived to create. That is my business. The parties I have today are a result of all the effort and planning I’ve put into my business over time.

Countless people have met and have become lasting friends through my parties.

It bothers me that this reporter who is also female had the nerve to disrespect other females. She painted a picture of “wallet-less” women (as she called them) pursuing successful married men. Is that how you talk about women? Never mind the fact that all of my personal female friends are successful, ambitious and educated women.

I’m not saying that the jobless women don’t exist or go don’t go clubbing. Yes they are there, and as an empowered female who believes in empowering other females, I pass no judgment on them.

But why paint a picture of the entire club scene being filled with that when that is not the case? Not to mention, how someone behaves and what decisions they make as grown adults is not under my control nor do I have a plan other than throwing an amazing party.

Toronto is blessed with an astonishingly multicultural landscape and the women in this city are beautiful (inside and out). This reporter showed no respect for women! When I throw a party of course I am going to invite women; all types of women. What type of party would it be if it was all male? It’s all about the ladies. I believe they should all be respected!

Who are these unnamed sources? Who is this “NBA talent manager” (and what is an NBA Talent Manager?), or this “former NBA insider who used to text me”? Why were their full names not given? Where is the integrity at Toronto life? Courtney was given at least TEN names of people from me who are knowledgeable on me and my business, and not one of them was quoted in the article!” These unnamed sources portray women as “property”. Women are not property! I do not ‘collect’ them. I meet lots of women and men all the time. They are called people. If you think meeting a woman or a man is called “collecting” then something might be wrong with you. I believe I am a friendly person. I travel often I have meet lots of wonderful, great people. I enjoy meeting new people as should any normal person. I have developed great friendships.

So what these anonymous sources are saying is that I have no friends, and all these “girls” are latched onto me desperately looking for a rich man. And, that I provide them to these men as if that is my business.

These “unnamed sources” that Courtney has decided to “interview” have no respect for women. Women are to be respected. They are not objects or things for “rich men”. For Courtney to insinuate that is VERY disrespectful. Again I am speaking for most women, I know that every woman is different and every woman has different goals and aspirations. But these are my own beliefs and how I believe women should be treated. As for myself, I am a woman; I am a driven, hard working woman. And, I celebrate and respect all women. I am not here to provide women to service someone’s basic needs. Let’s get that clear. If people meet at my events I am happy. If it turns into something long lasting, I’m even happier.

News flash! Male “Celebrities” have no problem picking up girls; whether they are at Walmart or my parties. This fact has existed since the beginning of time. Ergo, I can guarantee you that any male “celeb” that is at my parties does not need my “advice”, “support”, or “guidance” should he wish to meet a girl!

Instead of Courtney focusing on how I can bring anywhere between 300 to 4000 people to one event on a week night, and how I’ve kept it safe for the past decade, we’re discussing mid ’90s has been gossip. Why not focus on my economic impact in this city? I bring business to a club that would normally be closed on a weekday. That’s revenue, jobs, and week night fun and most importantly no major problems.

This critical article written under veil of a compliment is a direct result of being a female in this male dominated industry.

I’ve spent a decade slowly building my brand by personally collecting emails and phone numbers for an extensive mailing list.

I foster safe and great places for people to go who want to listen to Hip-Hop and Urban music. I know that in this night life scene there are things that can happen beyond my control but my goal and effort is to make the parties safe and good fun! I’ve developed great relationships, which have been created from my events, and I have continued to work hard regardless of who tried to bring me down.

I am going to continue to travel, meet new people, put together great events, grow and expand my business. I wish nothing but success to all other entrepreneurs, especially women. Don’t let anyone devalue you or treat you differently just because you are a woman

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